Best answer: How do I reset my CPI Security system?

How do you reset the CPI?

Insert tool/paper clip in the side hole. While holding reset button replace battery. Keep button pressed for 3 seconds. Release reset button (you will hear a noise).

How do I get my CPI to stop beeping?

Through the inTouch App:

  1. Start by selecting the menu tab.
  2. Then select “Security System”.
  3. On the Security System page you will see a settings icon in the upper right corner. …
  4. Select “Trouble Beeps” and then select “On”.
  5. After selecting “On” you will choose the option “Turn Off for 7 Days”.

How do you change the code on a CPI door?

Smart Home Security FAQs

  1. Press “Yale” to activate.
  2. Enter 4-digit master code.
  3. Press the gear symbol.
  4. Press “1”.
  5. Press the gear symbol.
  6. Enter new desired 4-digit master code.
  7. Press the gear symbol.
  8. Test new code to make sure it works.

Why does my CPI alarm keep beeping?

A CPI security system automatically performs tests on a regular basis to check for issues that can interfere with the system working correctly and alerts you to any problems with a beeping sound. Issues that can result in this beeping include low batteries, main power failures and malfunctions.

How do I stop my house alarm from beeping with low battery?

The beeping sound the low battery alarm makes can become very annoying but can be disconnected by removing the drained battery from your home alarm system panel. Make sure to replace the drained battery with a new one to keep your home alarm system functioning properly.

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