Best answer: How much is Guard Plus?

How much is Alexa Guard Plus?

Alexa Guard Plus is a new subscription service you can add to your Echo or Echo Show device for $4.99 per month or $49 per year.

How much does Amazon Guard cost?

Amazon is launching a new subscription service for Echo users called Alexa Guard Plus, which will include access to a 24-hour helpline, alerts when your smart speakers or displays hear sounds associated with a break-in, deterrence measures and more. Guard Plus will cost $5 per month or $49 per year.

Is Alexa guard mode free?

Alexa Guard is a free feature available for supported Amazon Echo devices that can detect the sound of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, or glass breaking when you set Guard to Away mode. Alexa can send you Smart Alerts, via notifications to your mobile device.

What happens if you say Alexa intruder alert?

Description. If you think there is an intruder in your house this skill uses Alexa to make them think twice and encourages them to leave. Alexa pretends to turn on audio and video recording and also pretends to call the Emergency Services.

Can Alexa tell me if someone is in my house?

The Alexa voice assistant has several built-in security features to help protect your home, such as Alexa Guard, which can detect if someone is breaking into your house, and Alexa Drop-In, which lets you listen in to see what the detected noise could be.

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What is Guard Plus?

Guard Plus gives you 24/7 access to an Emergency Helpline. Say, “Alexa, call for help” to speak with trained agents who can request the dispatch of emergency responders – such as police, the fire department, or an ambulance – based on information you provide on the call.

Do you pay for calls Alexa?

According to Amazon, Alexa Communication is “a service that provides calling and messaging between supported Echo devices and the Alexa app at no additional cost”, and includes Alexa-to-Alexa calling, Alexa-to-Alexa messaging, and mobile/landline calls.

Can Alexa bark like a guard dog?

Guard Dog can help deter criminals by playing dog barking, growling, and snarling sounds while you’re away. … To have Guard Dog speak, just say “Alexa, tell Guard Dog to Speak”. To interact with Guard Dog, just say “Alexa, open Guard Dog”.

Can Alexa detect baby crying?

Alexa can detect a baby crying, a dog barking, smoke and fire alarms, breaking glass or even someone coughing or snoring. For now, there are no preset templates for how Alexa should respond to each sound trigger, so that will be up to you to set up.

Is Alexa burglar deterrent free?

Alexa Guard can help protect your home for free

It uses the Echo’s microphones to listen constantly after you say “Alexa, I’m leaving” and will then alert you if it hears any noises that you should know about such as glass breaking or burglar alarms sounding.