Best answer: Was The Old Guard supposed to be a theatrical release?

Is the old guard original?

Netflix’s The Old Guard Is Loyal to the Original Comics—But With One Big Difference. The new movie is based on a fantastic comic book series by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernández. This post contains spoilers for The Old Guard. The Old Guard is one of Netflix’s best original movies this year.

Is the old guard 2 coming out?

The Old Guard Sequel Shooting Expectation

Prior to the announcement of the sequel, Theron stated in June 2021 that the script was completed and that shooting would commence in early 2022. So, while the movie is unlikely to be released until 2022, we anticipate a sequel in 2023.

How did Quynh escape the Iron Maiden?

This relationship ended abruptly when a group of priests, fed up with Quynh’s perseverance, trapped her in an iron maiden and threw her to the bottom of the sea. … It’s possible that, centuries later, the cage deteriorated and Quynh was able to escape, but we don’t know yet how or when that happened.

Is Andy immortal again?

One of the movie’s big twists comes partway through, when Andy gets shot in the stomach and doesn’t heal instantly. … In the comic books that inspired the movie, however, this big plot twist never happens! Andy remains immortal throughout, up through the most recent issue of the series.

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Why did Andy lose her immortality?

This was in the original comic book too, but the big change Rucka made in the movie was to have Andy lose her immortality. Andy realises that she’s lost her immortality when a stab wound from an earlier fight doesn’t heal. … By losing her immortality, she finds her purpose in life again through her connection to Nile.