Can protected variables be changed?

Can a protected variable be changed?

The use of protected variables in a class are not recommended, since its variables become visible to its derived classes. The names of types or variables in a base class may then not be changed since the derived classes may depend on them.

Can we modify protected variable in Java?

Protected Access Modifier – Protected

Variables, methods, and constructors, which are declared protected in a superclass can be accessed only by the subclasses in other package or any class within the package of the protected members’ class. The protected access modifier cannot be applied to class and interfaces.

What does it mean for a variable to be protected?

When you declare a method (function) or a property (variable) as protected , those methods and properties can be accessed by. The same class that declared it.

Can you access protected variables?

A protected member or constructor of an object may be accessed from outside the package in which it is declared only by code that is responsible for the implementation of that object.

What is protected variable in C++?

A protected member variable or function is very similar to a private member but it provided one additional benefit that they can be accessed in child classes which are called derived classes. You will learn derived classes and inheritance in next chapter.

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What is the purpose of a protected variable in Java?

The protected keyword is an access modifier used for attributes, methods and constructors, making them accessible in the same package and subclasses.

Can we override a protected method in Java?

Yes, the protected method of a superclass can be overridden by a subclass.

Are protected methods Final?

1) Private methods are final. 2) Protected members are accessible within a package and inherited classes outside the package. 3) Protected methods are final.

When should I use protected in Java?

Use it when you need to do some internal stuff that is not exposed in public API but still needs to be overriden by subclasses. You need to use the protected access modifier, when you want the descendant class to see the fields / methods of the super class, BUT you do not want other classes to see these.

What is protected function?

The protected keyword specifies access to class members in the member-list up to the next access specifier ( public or private ) or the end of the class definition. Class members declared as protected can be used only by the following: Member functions of the class that originally declared these members.

How can protected modifier be accessed?

4. How can a protected modifier be accessed? Explanation: The protected access modifier is accessible within package and outside the package but only through inheritance. The protected access modifier can be used with data member, method and constructor.

Can class be protected?

No, we cannot declare a top-level class as private or protected. It can be either public or default (no modifier).

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