Can you get projectile protection from villagers?

Can you get blast protection from villagers?

So all players will need to do is locate a book that is enchanted with blast protection. Players can find this book all over the Minecraft world. Enchanted books can be found by fishing, trading with villagers, inside strongholds, inside random chests, and shipwreck chests or chests near broken Nether portals.

Can you get a protection book from a villager?

A villager with a level 5 enchanted book trade from 18w22a or before would have to be acquired first. Then the villager must be updated to 18w22b or 18w22c, at which point all loaded enchanted books convert to protection. … The book cannot be applied to armor.

What are the chances of getting protection 5 from a villager?

Details of Protection

Protection Enchantment
Protection I 4% (Java) 5% (Bedrock)
Protection II 8% (Java) 10% (Bedrock)
Protection III 12% (Java) 15% (Bedrock)
Protection IV 16% (Java) 20% (Bedrock)

What are the chances of getting mending from a villager?

TL;DR: the chances of it happening are 1 in 5184, or 0.019%.

What’s the highest protection in Minecraft?


Enchantment Name Protection
Min Level Level 1 (Protection I)
Max Level Level 4 (Protection IV)
Description Provides comprehensive protection against all types of damage such as damage from attacks, fire, lava, and falling
Applies To Helmets Chestplates Leggings Boots
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Is protection 5 still a thing?

The only way you could ever get Protection V (5) is with mods or commands – otherwise, it was never possible to get it by enchanting or using an anvil to combine items.

How much damage does Protection 4 Netherite reduce?

Does anyone know how much damage reduction a full netherite prot 4 armor give you. It depends on how much damage you take at once; the theoretical maximum is 80% (base armor defense) + 20% (damage that gets through armor) * 64% (damage reduction from Protection) or 92.8%.

How many emeralds does Prot 4 cost?


Enchantment Price
Efficiency V 1 Book + 64 Emeralds
Fire Protection IV 1 Book + 15 Emeralds
Protection IV 1 Book + 54 Emeralds
Aqua Affinity I 1 Book + 12 Emeralds

Can you get projectile protection from fishing?

I wonder this because from over 13 double chests full of enchanted books gotten solely from fishing, not a single one has Projectile Protection of any level on them. They have the other Protections but Projectile Protection is nonexistent.

Is sharpness 5 possible?

The maximum level for the Sharpness enchantment is Level 5. This means that you can enchant an item with up to Sharpness V. The higher the level, the more powerful the enchantment.