Does trample go through protection from colors?

Does protection from a color prevent trample damage?

Protection from a color prevents all damage assigned to a creature. Since during the damage assignment, the attacker only needs to assign lethal damage to the creature before being able to assign trample damage to you.

How does Protection interact with trample?

As it turns out (and possibly counterintuitively), trample does go through protection. The point is that the attacker must assign lethal damage to the defending creature, and then they are free to assign the rest to the player.

Does trample get through protection from creatures?

Trample works by letting a creature just assign lethal damage to the creature it is blocking, and it may assign the rest to the player, but doesn’t have to. Trample doesn’t care what will happen when the damage is dealt, so even if a creature has protection, trample damage can still go through.

Can you block protection from color?

A creature with protection from a color “can’t be blocked, targeted, dealt damage, enchanted, or equipped by anything” of that color.

Does trample go through indestructible?

Indestructible creatures still get assigned damage, so the rest can still trample through.

Does Lifelink work on protection?

Lifelink vs Protection

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The same isn’t true for protection, however. For example, suppose a creature, player, or planeswalker has protection from my lifelink creature. In that case, my creature cannot deal any damage to it.

Does trample work on defense?

Nope. Only an attacking creature with trample can assign combat damage to the defending player once the blocking creature(s) have been assigned lethal damage. 702.17a Trample is a static ability that modifies the rules for assigning an attacking creature’s combat damage.

Does trample go through planeswalker?

Only creatures can block, and Planeswalkers aren’t creatures. When you attack, you choose to attack you attack either your opponent or a planeswalker they control. There is no way for a creature to trample from a Planeswalker to the defending player, or vice versa.

How does Deathtouch work with trample?

A creature with deathtouch and trample only needs to assign 1 damage to each blocking creature before assigning excess damage to the defending player/planeswalker. So yes, a 3/3 with deathtouch and trample can assign 2 damage to the defending player.

Does trample work with fight MTG?

Trample only works if the damage that’s being dealt is combat damage, but fight doesn’t involve combat damage.