Frequent question: Can your parents affect your security clearance?

What is immediate family for security clearance?

Citizenship of yourself and “immediate” family members (spouse, children, mother, father, brothers and sisters).

Do they interview family for top secret clearance?

A Series of Interviews

In some cases, they also will interview relatives, particularly those who are not U.S. citizens. Investigators typically also ask interviewees for additional points of contact, so they can obtain the broadest possible set of opinions and comments about you.

Are relatives contacted for secret clearance?

Applicant must provide names of at least three individuals and include complete U.S. addresses and phone numbers. These are not to be relatives, spouses, former spouses, or anyone listed anywhere else on this form.

What can mess up your security clearance?

What Can Delay a Security Clearance?

  • Don’t Lie or Try to Rewrite History.
  • Provide Accurate Information, Especially on the SF-86.
  • Know Your Financial Situation.
  • Significant Financial Problems.
  • Certain Mental Health or Personal Issues.
  • Criminal Activity.
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse.
  • Falsifying Information When Applying for a Clearance.

Does adultery affect security clearance?

Absent the potential for coercion, adultery or an isolated incident involving use of a prostitute usually does not result in the denial of a security clearance under Guideline D. … Under certain circumstances adultery in the military can also be a criminal offense.

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What percentage of security clearances are denied?

You may even wonder if you should continue with the process, particularly if you’re not getting a paycheck while you wait. But don’t lose heart – 20-30% of all interim security clearances are denied, but that is vastly different than the figure of final clearance denials, which hovers around 1%.

What disqualifies you from a top secret clearance?

Top secret clearance holders must have no significant financial concerns. If the background check reveals a considerable amount of debt, missed payments, tax evasion, collection judgments, check fraud, foreclosures, embezzlement or bankruptcies, your application might be rejected.

How hard is it to get a secret clearance?

Obtaining a security clearance is no easy task, and not everyone who applies will be granted access. … Stringent suitability requirements, particularly in the intelligence community, weed out many unqualified applicants before they ever reach security clearance processing.

Can my spouse affect my security clearance?

Spouse’s Credit

Spousal credit history may or may not affect someone who is applying for a security clearance. Whether it does depends on one major factor. If an account jointly shared by two people is in default, both of their credit ratings can be affected.

Can a foreigner get a TS SCI clearance?

Immigrants are absolutely able to obtain a U.S. security clearance – but immigration status matters. The National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual states that an individual must be a U.S. citizen in order to obtain a security clearance.