Frequent question: How do I protect my eBook?

Can I copyright my eBook?

Although a completed e-book is automatically copyright-protected, copyright registration and storage of the e-book with the U.S. Copyright Office provides the verification required for legal actions and qualifies the copyright owners for damages and legal fees.

How do I copyright my eBook for free?

How Do You Copyright an eBook?

  1. Go to and click on the top left box “Register”.
  2. Now that you have arrived on the Registration Portal, select the Literary Works option.
  3. Once you are on the Literary Works page, click the “Register a Literary Work” link on the right.

Do I need to copyright my eBook before publishing?

Do You Have To Copyright Your Work at All? Surprisingly, you do not have to even register your work with the US copyright office to have copyright protection. … So as soon as you are done with your self published book or eBook, you automatically have copyright protection.

How do I stop eBook theft?

How Can Publishers Avoid eBook piracy?

  1. Watermark Your eBooks. …
  2. Acquire a DRM (Digital Rights Management) Software. …
  3. Publish Out an Official Copyright Notice. …
  4. Convert Files Into PDF. …
  5. Use Secure Digital Files. …
  6. Monitor the Web Activity. …
  7. Improve Accessibility.
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How do I protect my digital downloads?

Tactics to Protect Digital Products

  1. Copyright Your Product. …
  2. Hide Your Product from Prying Eyes. …
  3. Place Downloads Behind a Login. …
  4. Limit Access to Downloads. …
  5. Create Product Licenses. …
  6. Monitor the Web for Stolen Products.

How do I protect my self published book?

How to copyright a book

  1. Head over to the portal.
  2. Click on “Literary Works,” then “Register A Literary Work.”
  3. Take a minute to create an account with the U.S. Copyright Office if you didn’t do so already.
  4. Go to “Copyright Registration” on the left side of your screen and click on “Register A New Claim.”

How do I copyright a book electronically?

You can register a copyright for your book by submitting your registration electronically, or by mailing in a print application.

Electronic Registration

  1. Go to the Copyright Office’s registration page.
  2. Click on Literary Works.
  3. You will now be on the Literary Works copyright page. …
  4. This will take you to a log in page.

How much is a copyright for an e-book?

Pay the U.S. Copyright Office. Online registration will cost $35. Send in the “best edition” of your manuscript to the U.S. Copyright Office.

How do I protect my book idea from being stolen?

If you want proof of you being the author of your manuscript, you can of course have it copyrighted through the copyright office. Your second option, which many writers have done for a long time, is to send yourself a copy of your manuscript in the mail.

Do I own the copyright on my book?

Under U.S. copyright law, your self published work is protected as soon as you put the pen to paper. … We place your name where it belongs, right next to the copyright symbol on the first page of your published book. As the copyright owner, you also own the foreign rights to your book.

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