How do I give my dog safeguard?

Can you mix Dewormer with water?

Yes and given as medicine. He probably won’t lap it up. It is a thick white substance when mixed with water. I would buy a can of dog food and mix it with a third of the can each day to give to your dog.

Can I mix fenbendazole with food?

Fenbendazole should be given with food to reduce gastrointestinal upset.

How much Fenbendazole can I give my 60 pound dog?

Directions: The daily dose for Safe-Guard® Canine is 50 mg/kg (22.7 mg/lb) of body weight.

safe-guard® (fenbendazole)

Dog Weight (lbs) Pouch Size (Daily Dose)
51 to 60* 2 gram + 4 gram
61 to 80* Two 4 gram
Over 80*

How much Safeguard dewormer should I give my dog?

DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS FOR DOGS: Shake bottle well and then measuring with an oral medication syringe give 1 mL (equal to 1 cc or ¼ teaspoon) per each 5 lbs. of your dog’s weight mixed with a small amount of moist dog food (to make sure the dog consumes it all). Repeat this dose for three days in a row.

Can you give safeguard Wormer to dogs?

Safe-Guard® Canine Dewormer is formulated for the treatment and control of tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. It is safe for dogs of all breeds and over the age of six weeks.

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When is the best time to give your dog dewormer?

We recommend starting your dog’s deworming treatments in the springtime, once the snow has melted and the ground is no longer frozen, and to continue every month until winter. Some dewormers are best administered on an empty stomach, and always read the label carefully.

Does Dewormer hurt dogs if they don’t have worms?

Any worming treatment given to a dog will clear existing worms but will not protect against future infection meaning a dog could contract a new case of worms just a few days after treatment. For this reason, it’s important to keep on top of a regular worming treatment schedule.

How much fenbendazole can I give my dog?

The appropriate dosage of fenbendazole for dogs is 50 mg/kg (22.7 mg/lb) daily for 3 consecutive days according to The Pill Book Guide to Medication for Your Dog and Cat. Fenbendazole is not recommended for puppies under six weeks old. It is also effective at fighting giardia that often plagues puppies and young dogs.

Does fenbendazole make dogs sleepy?

Side Effects and Drug Reactions

Diarrhea or loose stool. Loss of appetite. Lethargy.

Does fenbendazole need to be refrigerated?

Answer: This is stable after opened and does not need to be refrigerated, however it should be kept in a dry cool place and not exposed to high temperatures.