How do I unlock off guard?

Where can I learn off-guard Ffxiv?

Obtain Whalaqee Off-guard Totem from Wayward Gaheel Ja in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:12.5 Y:12.9) after you learn 5 Blue Magic Spells.

How do you get off-guard as a Blue Mage?

In order to learn Mighty Guard in FFXIV, you’ll first need to acquire 10 other spells as a Blue Mage in the game. Once you’ve learned 10 different spells, head back to the Steps of Thal in Ul’Dah and talk to Wayward Gaheel Ja, the NPC near Martyn, who gives you most of your job-related quests.

How do you get the Whalaqee totem?

Whalaqee Totems are unlocked on the vendor through certain Blue Mage achievements involving learning certain numbers of Blue Magic Spells and participation in the Masked Carnival. The Blue Mage job does not provide a quest or an ingame notification that you have unlocked a Whalaqee Totem on the vendor.

How do you get 1000 needles?

Answer: To learn 1000 Needles, you’ll want to head to Southern Thanalan (20, 10) in FFXIV and seek out Sabotender Bailaor, or Flowering Sabotender. Wait for either of these enemy types to perform the spell and then defeat them in battle.

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Where do I learn bad breath Ffxiv?


  • Level 31 Stroper in Central Shroud (x13,y21)
  • Level 31 Halitostroper in Central Shroud (x15,y21)
  • Level 34 Stroper in South Shroud (x20,y28)

Where is the Blue Mage Trainer?

Speak with the blue mage trainer Martyn at Ul’dah, Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0), and finish the level 58 quest, “Blue in the Face.” Then speak with Martyn at level 60 and complete the next quest, “Blue Scream of Death.” You’ll unlock the blue mage log in your main menu.

How do I get mighty guard FFX?

Final Fantasy X

Mighty Guard is one of Kimahri’s Ronso Rages. The spell casts Protect, Shell and NulAll on the party and is learned from Behemoth, Behemoth King or Biran Ronso, however, it can only be learned from Biran after he casts it in battle.

Where do I get white wind Ffxiv?

Restores own HP and the HP of all nearby party members by an amount equal to your current HP.

White Wind.

Cast: 2.5s
Recast: 2.5s
Cost: 1500 MP
Radius: 15y
Damage Type: Magic (None)

Where is the Whalaqee totem in Ffxiv?

This Whalaqee Totem is a reward provided by NPC Wayward Gaheel Ja in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:12.5 Y:12.9). This reward requires completion of the Blue Magic achievement The More You Know I by learning 5 Blue Magic Spells.

Where do I learn sticky tongue Ffxiv?

Sticky Tongue (★★★★)

  • Level 2 Cane Toad in “You Call that a Toad” Fate in Lower La Noscea (24,22)
  • Level 14 Toxic Toad in Central Thanalan (27,19)
  • Level 22 Laughing Gigantoad in Western Thanalan (15,7)
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