How does Cisco web Security Appliance protect the organization?

What is a benefit of using Cisco WSA?

Cisco WSA is an all-in-one highly secure web gateway that brings you strong protection, complete control, and investment value. It also offers an array of competitive web security deployment options, each of which includes Cisco’s market-leading global threat intelligence infrastructure.

How does Cisco WSA work?

The Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance (WSA) is a web proxy that works with other Cisco network components to monitor and control outbound requests for Web content and scrubs return traffic for unwanted or malicious content (Figure 4). … The Cisco WSA uses several mechanisms to apply web security and content control.

Which three products are in Cisco’s web and email portfolio?

Three Cisco Email Security software license bundles are available, as well as one à la carte offering: Cisco Email Security Inbound, Cisco Email Security Outbound, Cisco Email Security Premium, and Advanced Malware Protection. The major components of each software offering are provided in Table 6.

What is Web security appliance Cisco?

The Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) combines all of these forms of protection and more in a single solution. The WSA also helps to secure and control web traffic, while simplifying deployment and reducing costs.

What does the Cisco ISE product help with?

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a network administration product that enables the creation and enforcement of security and access policies for endpoint devices connected to the company’s routers and switches. The purpose is to simplify identity management across diverse devices and applications.

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What is Cisco Stealthwatch?

Cisco Stealthwatch enhances visibility across the entire business by leveraging your existing network infrastructure. It turns NetFlow data into actionable intelligence, and helps to turn your network into a sensor. You gain deep visibility into all network traffic to identify potential network threats.

How does a web gateway work?

How does a secure web gateway work? Secure web gateways are installed as a software component or a hardware device on the edge of the network or at user endpoints. … The gateway monitors this traffic for malicious code, web application use, and all user/non-user attempted URL connections.

Does Cisco have WAF?

Cisco Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) ensures fast, reliable and secure delivery of mission-critical web applications for corporate networks and the cloud. Combining advanced positive and negative security models, our WAF solutions provide complete protection against the full spectrum of web-based attacks.