Is Gon stronger than the royal guard?

Can Royal Guards beat Gon?

Ging is Gon’s father and a double-star ruins Hunter who made his proper debut during the 13th Chairman Election arc of the series. … With that said, it’s easy to see that Ging is capable of fighting against the Royal Guards of the Chimera Ant army.

Who is stronger Gon or King?

If Meruem somehow escaped Jajanken, adult Gon never even showed his other Nen abilities while transformed. … For now, adult Gon remains the strongest seen in Hunter x Hunter so far, but with that ability seemingly never available to him again and Meruem defeated, there’s no way to tell if anyone will ever surpass them.

Who kills the royal guards HXH?

The Chimera Ant King’s Royal Guards were extraordinarily loyal and were willing to give up their lives for his sake. All three of the guards, Neferpitou, Shaiapouf, and Menthuthuyoupi, died in the end due to different reasons. Neferpitou was killed by Gon after he discovered that they could not revive Kite.

Is Chrollo stronger than the royal guard?

Chrollo is one of the strongest antagonists featured in the Hunter x Hunter anime, and, while a few characters could eke out a win, most wouldn’t. Nope. Chrollo would die against Meruem or any of the Royal Guard. … Chrollo would die against Meruem or any of the Royal Guard.

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Who is the strongest royal guard in HXH?

5 Shaiapouf

Shaiapouf, commonly known as Pouf, was one of the Royal Guards of the King of Chimera Ants and easily one of the strongest characters in the Hunter x Hunter series. His strength surpassed that of an average Hunter by a mile and even someone of Morel’s caliber couldn’t take him on.

Can Ging beat Pitou?

Ging’s abilities have largely remained unknown so far, but they will hopefully be revealed to fans and viewers later on. If his skills as a Hunter are anywhere close to Netero, he should be able to put up a fight against Pitou, and with luck on his side, he might even win.

Is Gon stronger than Meruem?

Despite his young age, Gon’s mastery of Nen, along with his Jajanken ability, makes him a strong fighter. … As an adult, Gon becomes just as powerful as Meruem.