Question: What are protective foods Why are they so called Class 6?

What is protective food Why are they so called?

ANSWER-Vitamins and minerals are called protective food. They are called so because they protect our body from various disease.

What are protective foods class 6?

Class 6 Question

Protective foods (as leafy or yellow vegetables, citrus fruits, meat, milk, eggs) are those which contain adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and high quality proteins and the protect against development of a deficiency disease (as pellagra, beriberi, scurvy).

What are called protective food?

Foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins are referred to as protective foods. Foods such as leafy or yellow vegetables, meat, citrus fruits, egg, milk, which contain sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals and high-quality proteins that protect against the occurrence of a disease of deficiency.

What are protective food Short answer?

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are referred to as protective foods as they provide immunity and protect our body from various diseases and infections. All fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products are examples of protective foods.

How do you define food security?

Food security, as defined by the United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security, means that all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy life.

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Which of the following is called protective material?

Protective food (as leafy or yellow vegetables,citrus food, meat, milk, eggs) that contain adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, high quality protein. they protect us from deficiency disease.

Which component of food are called protective food and why?

VEGETABLES & FRUITS are called protective foods. Our body requires Vitamins and Minerals for various vital processes of life and for formation of blood, bones and teeth. These VITAMINS & MINERALS though needed in small quantities are very important for regulating various bodily functions.