Quick Answer: Which tissue is known as protective tissue in human body?

Which tissue is a protective tissue?

epidermis tissue is also known as protective tissue .

What are the protective tissues in the human body?

There are two kinds of protective tissues: the epidermis and the suber or cork. This chapter is devoted to the study of epidermis. The cytological structure of epidermal cells is quite variable, but this fact does not alter the histological and histochemical uniformity of the epidermal tissue.

Which is the following of protective tissue?

Answer: epithelial tissue is the outer protective tissue.

What is an example of protective tissue?

An example of protective tissue in plants is epidermis. The main function of epidermis is protection. A waxy, water-resistant layer is present on the upper parts of plants.

What is the other name of protective tissue?

other names for. protective tissue — epidermis. supportive tissue — skeletal tissue.

Why is epithelial tissue called protective tissue?

Explanation: Epithelial tissue covers and protects many organs and cavities within the body. … In skin, many layers of epithelial cells are present to prevent wear and tear. Hence, it acts as a protective tissue in the animal body.

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Why epidermis is called protective tissue class 9?

Explanation: The epidermis is considered a protective tissue because its prime purpose is to form a physical barrier between the outside and inside of the body. On the top stratum (layer) of the epidermis, the cells are dead, and so have no physiological function besides to form a barricade against the outside.

What is protective tissue and types?

Protective tissues are usually present in the outermost layer of the plant body such as leaves, stem and roots and offer protection to the plant body. They prevent desiccation, mechanical injury, and infection in plants. Types of protective tissues: Epidermis. Cork.

How many protective tissues are there?

4 Protective Tissues. Protective tissues are divided into two parts: Epidermis. Cork/Phellem.

Is cork a protective tissue?

Complete step by step answer: Cork is a protective tissue with the suberized cells. That form stick and waterproof covering of older stem and root. Cork is the outer protective layer of the tree. Suberin is a waterproofing waxy substance that restricts the water movement.

What is the secondary protective tissue?

cambium, called the phellogen or cork cambium, is the source of the periderm, a protective tissue that replaces the epidermis when the secondary growth displaces, and ultimately destroys, the epidermis of the primary plant body.