What are the ways an employer can protect workers from falls OSHA?

What are three ways an employer can protect workers from falls?

What are the ways an employer can protect workers from falls? Guardrails, safety net system and personal fall arrest systems.

What are the ways employers can protect workers from falls?

Guardrail and safety net systems are two ways to protect workers from falls on the job. If workers are more than 6 feet above the lower surface, some type of fall protection must be used by the employer. midrails, screens or mesh are installed when there are no walls at least 21 inches high.

In which ways can an employer satisfy the OSHA requirement for fall protection?

OSHA Publication 3146, (2015).

To prevent employees from being injured from falls, employers must:

  • Guard every floor hole into which a worker can accidentally walk (using a railing and toe-board or a floor hole cover).
  • Provide a guard rail and toe-board around every elevated open sided platform, floor or runway.

Which of the following are ways employers must protect workers?

Employers must protect workers from electrocutions and are required to: Ensure overhead power line safety. Isolate electrical parts. Supply ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI).

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What is fall protection safety?

Fall protection is a part of safety equipment that is used to make working at heights safer. Generally, the term refers to any type of planned system to prevent or minimize falls from heights. When used specifically, the term refers to all measures and deviced used to prevent a fall from occurring.

What is the OSHA fall protection standard?

For general industry, OSHA requires fall protection beginning at a height of four feet. In construction, fall protection is required above six feet. Protection must also be provided any time an employee must work above hazardous equipment or machinery, regardless of the distance.

What are three methods to help you protect yourself from fall hazards?

Studies have shown that the use of guardrail systems, fall arrest systems, safety nets, covers, and restraint and positioning device systems can prevent many deaths and injuries from falls.

What must your employer provide to protect you from falling objects quizlet?

When employees might be exposed to falling objects, the employer must have employees wear hardhats and erect toe-boards, screens, or guardrail systems to prevent objects from falling from higher levels.

What are the three fall prevention systems?


  • 3.7.1 Fall arrest system incorporating a lanyard and energy absorber.
  • 3.7.2 Fall arrest system incorporating a lanyard and energy absorber on a horizontal line.
  • 3.7.3 Fall arrest system incorporating a retractable type fall arrester.