What is the US Coast Guard logo?

Is the US Coast Guard considered a military?

Yes! Even though the Coast Guard is not a part of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the Coast Guard is part of the United States Armed Forces (also known as the military). Technically, the Coast Guard is both a federal law enforcement agency and military branch within the Department of Homeland Security.

What is the official flag of the Coast Guard?

The flag of the United States Coast Guard is white with a dark blue Great Seal of the United States; the shield on the eagle’s breast has a blue chief over vertical red and white stripes.

Flag of the United States Coast Guard.

Proportion 5:4
Adopted January 28, 1964

Does the Coast Guard have a mascot?

Objee is the beloved Mascot of the Coast Guard Academy. In 1926 the Academy selected the Black Bear as its mascot, because the bear is bold and tenacious, attributes befitting the Coast Guard and its officers. Also that year the Revenue Cutter Bear, its crew renowned for heroism, was decommissioned.

Why is the Coast Guard not considered military?

The Coast Guard does not fall under the Defense Department. … However, the Coast Guard is considered a military service, because, during times of war or conflict, the president of the United States can transfer any or all assets of the Coast Guard to the Department of the Navy.

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Are Coast Guard veterans?

A veteran is a former member of the Armed Forces of the United States (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard) who served on active duty and was discharged under conditions, which were other than dishonorable. … (Reservists called to active duty by Executive Order qualify as veterans.)

Why is the Coast Guard flag last?

While the Coast Guard is technically the fourth oldest military service branch, with its origins pre-dating that of the Air Force by 157 years, the Coast Guard is excluded from this date-of-origin or “birthday” rule.

What does the AF flag stand for?

Our Air Force flag is a symbol, as are its designs. The flag is blue, representing the sky and the medium in which we operate. The flag’s 13 stars represent the 13 original colonies, and the three-star grouping at the top represents the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.