What services are available through the Texas State Securities Board?

What services does Texas State Securities Board provide?

The mission of the State Securities Board is to protect Texas investors. Consistent with that purpose, the Agency seeks to ensure a free and competitive securities market for Texas, increase investor confidence, and thereby encourage the formation of capital and the creation of new jobs in Texas.

What does the Texas Securities Act do?

The Texas Securities Act is the state law regarding the regulation of the securities industry in Texas. The Act provides for the registration of securities offered or sold in Texas, and of firms and individuals who sell securities or render investment advice in the state.

What is Texas securities?

Texas Securities, Inc. provides brokerage services. The Company offers securities trading, financial planning, investment banking, and advisory services.

What are Texas blue sky laws?

The Blue Sky Law, enacted by the Thirty-eighth Legislature as House Bill 177 on May 15, 1923, was designed to stop the flow of worthless stock certificates into Texas and was directed largely at oil companies.

What is required for a Series 7 license?

Series 7 And 63 Licensing Requirements Are As Follows:

You must be sponsored by a member of FINRA (formerly NASD) or a Self-Regulatory Organization. … A passing grade of 72% or better on the Series 7 exam, administered through Prometric Testing Centers. The Series 7 test includes a multiple choice exam.

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What is a state securities agency?

While the SEC regulates and enforces the federal securities laws, each state has its own securities regulator who enforces what are known as “blue sky” laws. In addition, state securities regulators oversee investment advisers who manage less than $25 million. …

Is Texas A Blue Sky State?

Companies offering or selling securities in Texas must comply with several securities laws known collectively as blue sky laws. … Each state has its own unique blue sky laws. In Texas, companies doing business must comply with the Texas Securities Act when issuing or selling securities in the state.

What securities are exempt from registration?

The most common exemptions from the registration requirements include:

  • Private offerings to a limited number of persons or institutions;
  • Offerings of limited size;
  • Intrastate offerings; and.
  • Securities of municipal, state, and federal governments.

Who can sell exempt securities?

An exemption commonly relied upon for the resale of the securities is Section 4(a)(1) of the Securities Act which is available to any person other than an issuer, underwriter or dealer.

What is a limited offering exemption?

Limited Offering means an offering that is exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933 pursuant to Section 4(2) or Section 4(6) or pursuant to Rule 504, Rule 505, or Rule 506 under the Securities Act of 1933. … IPO means the Company’s initial public offering of securities.