Which of the following is an IT security audit program goal?

What is the goal of an IT audit?

An IT audit is the examination and evaluation of an organization’s information technology infrastructure, policies and operations. Information technology audits determine whether IT controls protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity and are aligned with the business’s overall goals.

Which of the following is an objective of security auditing?

Security audits will help protect critical data, identify security loopholes, create new security policies and track the effectiveness of security strategies. Regular audits can help ensure employees stick to security practices and can catch new vulnerabilities.

What are the major objectives of IT auditing?

What are the objectives of an IT audit?

  • Achievement of operational goals and objectives.
  • Reliability and integrity of information.
  • Safeguarding of assets.
  • Effective and efficient use of resources.
  • Compliance with significant policies, procedures, laws and regulations.

What are the 5 smart goals?

What are the five SMART goals? The SMART acronym outlines a strategy for reaching any objective. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and anchored within a Time Frame.

What is included in an IT Audit?

An Information Technology audit is the examination and evaluation of an organization’s information technology infrastructure, applications, data use and management, policies, procedures and operational processes against recognized standards or established policies.

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What are the three main goals of security?

What are the three main goals of security

  • Confidentiality—prevents unauthorized users from accessing information to protect the privacy of information content.
  • Integrity—ensures the authenticity and accuracy of information.
  • Availability—ensures that authorized users can reliably access information.

What are the audit objectives for an IT governance audit?

within the organization’s governance, operations, and information systems regarding the: ∎ Achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives. ∎ Reliability and integrity of financial and operational information. ∎ Effectiveness and efficiency of operations and programs.

HOW DOES IT security audit works?

The network security audit is a process that many managed security service providers (MSSPs) offer to their customers. In this process, the MSSP investigates the customer’s cybersecurity policies and the assets on the network to identify any deficiencies that put the customer at risk of a security breach.

What is information system audit Tutorialspoint?

System Audit

It is an investigation to review the performance of an operational system. The objectives of conducting a system audit are as follows − To compare actual and planned performance. To verify that the stated objectives of system are still valid in current environment.