Which protection is provided for stator winding faults in alternator?

Which protection is used for stator fault?

Neutral overvoltage protection is the simplest method for detecting a stator winding-to-ground fault, but this method does not detect faults over the entire winding. Therefore, additional protection is required in the form of third-harmonic undervoltage, third-harmonic voltage balance, or subharmonic injection.

What type of protection is provided for the alternator against over heating of the alternator stator?

Over current relays can not detect the winding temperature because electrical protection can not detect the failure of the cooling system. So to protect the stator against over heating, embed resistance temperature detector or thermocouples are used in the slots below the stator coils.

Which protection is used for stator fault of synchronous generator?

The main protection provided in the stator winding against phase to phase or phase to earth fault, is longitudinal differential protection of generator. Second most important protection scheme for stator winding is inter turn fault protection.

Which is the most important stator winding fault of an alternator?

Stator winding fault. It is the most severe fault and considered most important for alternator protection. This vital protection of alternator stator is Differential circulating current scheme or Mertz price differential current protection scheme of alternator is discussed in a separate post.

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What are the types of stator winding faults in alternator?

Some of the Important Faults which may occur on Alternator are Overvoltage, Overspeed, Overcurrent, Failure of Prime mover, Unbalanced Loading, Failure of Field and Stator winding fault (which includes Line to Ground Fault, Line to Line Fault, Double Line to Ground Fault, Three phase Fault and Inter turn Fault.)

Which of the following protection is not provided for alternator?

In case of steam-turbine driven alternators, the control governors are very sensitive to speed variations. They exercise a continuous check on over speed and thus prevent the occurrence of over-voltage on the generating unit. Therefore, over-voltage protection is not provided on turbo-alternator sets.

What is class A protection?

Class ‘A’ protection: This is provided with an external lightning conductor on top of. the building connected through a down conductor to ground. (Earth). This is known as class ‘A’ protection.