You asked: How do I use SysPrep with McAfee?

What is McAfee SysPrep?

Run McAfee SysPrep — Run the McAfee SysPrep tool to detect and allow trusted third-party software to inject into McAfee processes, which ensures that the injectors work together with Endpoint Security. This allows third-party software to function, while allowing McAfee to maintain a trust boundary.

Which tool can be downloaded and installed to identify and resolve potential issues before installing or upgrading endpoint security?

Identify and resolve potential issues before installing or upgrading Endpoint Security. Run McAfee GetClean — Run the McAfee GetClean tool on the deployment base images for your production systems to ensure that clean files are sent to McAfee® Global Threat Intelligence™ (McAfee GTI) to be categorized.

What tool can be used to show live DLP .dll injection into active processes?

The MfeSysPrep.exe is available through Technical Support, and can be used as a DLL injector discovery tool. This utility is recommended for any environment that experiences symptoms caused by the presence of third-party DLLs in McAfee Enterprise processes.

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What are the three types of on demand scans that can be configured on endpoint security?

When you run a scan, you can choose from among three types: Quick scan, full scan, and custom scan.

What type of scan can be configured to run whenever files/folders or programs are accessed?

On-access scan — The administrator configures on-access scans to run on managed computers. Whenever files, folders, and programs are accessed, the on-access scanner intercepts the operation and scans the item, based on criteria defined in the settings.

How are Exploit Prevention signature updated in endpoint security?

ENS Exploit Prevention content updates for Windows agents are updated on the second Tuesday of every month, usually by 8 p.m. PST. This schedule is in correspondence with monthly Microsoft Windows Security Updates (Microsoft Patch Tuesday).

How do you push ePO to DLP?


  1. In McAfee ePO, select Menu → System Tree.
  2. In the System Tree, select the level at which to deploy McAfee DLP Endpoint. …
  3. Open the Client Task Builder wizard: …
  4. Fill in the Task Builder fields: …
  5. Click Create New Task.
  6. In the Products and Components field, select Data Loss Prevention 11.0, then click Save.

What does McAfee DLP Endpoint do?

McAfee DLP Endpoint provides comprehensive protection for all possible leaking channels, including removable storage devices, the cloud, email, instant messaging, web, printing, clipboard, screen capture, file- sharing applications, and more.

How do I enable the USB port blocked by McAfee?

Re: USB block rule to be enable

  1. In McAfee ePO, select Menu | Data Protection | DLP Policy Manager | Rule Sets.
  2. Select Actions | New Rule Set, or edit an existing rule set.
  3. To open the rule set for editing, click the rule set name. …
  4. Select Actions | New Rule | Plug and Play Device Rule.
  5. Enter a unique rule name.
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