You asked: What element is best against ruin guards?

What is the fastest way to beat the ruin guard?

The best strategy for defeating the Ruin Guard is to use an archer to target either the weak point on its head or in the center of its back. Two successive hits to these points will cause the machine to temporarily shut down. This can allow one of the melee characters to get in for some real damage against its core.

How do you dodge ruin guard missiles?

If the ruin guard is firing missiles, you can stop the missiles from firing by hitting the yellow crosshair for the brief three seconds before the missile launches. If you do this a second time before a shield forms around its core, then you will effectively disable the ruin guard.

How old is Kaeya from Genshin?

Genshin Impact: All Character Age + Height

Kaeya November 30 20
Kazuha October 29 Unknown
Keqing November 20 17
Kokomi February 22 Young

What are the ruin guards saying?

For the nation, we can’t forgo this power, but we failed.” Seems to be the complete phrase.

How do you beat the ruin guard in Noelle hangouts?

You can either cook a fresh steak or give him one that’s already in your inventory. The final task is defeating a Ruin Guard before time runs out; this can easily be done by using bow users to stun the Ruin Guard and reactions.

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What is world level Genshin impact?

The World Level is the overall difficulty of the world you are currently exploring. At the start of the game, you will be in World Level 0. However, as you continue to explore, the world’s level will gradually start to increase!

How much HP does Azhdaha have?

Monster #29040101

489 38 500
Has Following Affixes:
若陀龙王-火 若陀龙王-火 若陀龙王-电 若陀龙王-电 若陀龙王-循环 若陀龙王-岩

How much health does a ruin grader have?


Level HP ATK
1 656 178
5 1,477 297
10 2,579 475
15 4,595 750