Your question: Does UniFi protect need Internet connection?

Will UniFi protect work without internet?

After purchasing and setting up a CloudKey Gen2 Plus, Unifi Switch 9 PoE, and 3 G3 cameras, is appears Protect will not work without internet access. Not only can I not get a live stream of the cameras, but Protect keeps trying to communicate with the could.

Can I run UniFi protect on my own hardware?

Just like the Unifi Access Point and Network components, are the Unifi Camera and Protect system really easy to use. They integrate seaslessly together, but to be clear, you can use the Unifi Protect also on its own.

Is UniFi protect going away?

The Unifi Video NVR is being replaced by the UniFi Protect NVR which is an upgraded version of the NVR. If you want to continue to have access to your system remotely then you should ask us to supply and install a new UniFi Protect NVR.

Can I use Unifi protect without cloud key?

If you use Unifi Protect, you can only access through the cloud on an app. … The Unifi Video app also doesn’t work.

How many cameras does UniFi protect?

UDM Pro supported camera limits

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Low bandwidth cameras* High bandwidth cameras* Max. days of storage per camera**
7 25
5 5 22
10 4 17
15 2 15

Is UniFi protect software free?

No Subscription Fees:

With UniFi Protect, there are no subscription fees to worry about whatsoever.

Can UniFi protect download?

The UniFi Protect mobile app can be download on the App Store and the Google Play Store. After logging in, select which UniFi OS Console you would like to access Protect through.

Are UniFi cameras any good?

4.0 out of 5 starsSolid, reliable camera and unbelievable prosumer level software! Awesome camera, set up was quick using UniFi NVR software on Ubuntu 16.04. … Sync with their cloud service and you can use the smart phone app to view your camera(s) from anywhere with a reliable network connection, for free!

How can I migrate my UniFi video deployment to a UniFi protect controller?

Unifi Video to Protect Migration

  1. Upgrade your Unifi Video. First, you need to make sure that your Unifi Video is updated to the latest version. …
  2. Create a backup of your Unifi Video. Open settings and click on Download Configuration in the top bar.
  3. Shutdown the NVR. …
  4. Set up your Unifi Protect. …
  5. Import the backup. …
  6. Import completed.

Does UniFi video still work?

On January 15th, 2021, UniFi Video will no longer be supported by Ubiquiti. … If you choose to remain on UniFi Video past the end-of-support date, you will still have several options available to you for accessing their system.

What is UniFi protect app?

UniFi Protect allows users to set up, manage, and stream video from UniFi camera networks, directly from your smartphone or tablet. With no recurring fees, UniFi Protect offers one of the most cost-effective security solutions for commercial and residential applications.

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