Your question: Is Alexa guard mode available in Canada?

Is Alexa Guard Plus available in Canada?

Alexa Guard now available in Canada.

Why is Alexa guard not available?

If it’s pending, go to the Alexa app to finish Guard Plus setup, including adding an emergency address. … If an Echo device doesn’t show a white light or shield icon for Away mode, make sure that the Echo device is in your Guard profile.

How do I turn on Alexa guard mode?

How to enable Alexa Guard

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Go to Menu (three line icon) > Settings.
  3. Scroll down and select the Guard option.
  4. It’ll ask you to confirm and enter your zip code to use the Away Lighting aspect.

Why is Alexa not available in Canada?

Because Alexa is not officially in Canada yet, the app is not available in the Canadian iOS App store nor the Canadian Android Play store. … This is the most simple way to set-up Alexa to work in Canada. 2. Use a made-up, but real, US address when setting up your echo device.

How much is Alexa Guard Plus?

Alexa Guard Plus is a new subscription service you can add to your Echo or Echo Show device for $4.99 per month or $49 per year.

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What happens if you say Alexa intruder alert?

Description. If you think there is an intruder in your house this skill uses Alexa to make them think twice and encourages them to leave. Alexa pretends to turn on audio and video recording and also pretends to call the Emergency Services.

How much is Guard Plus?

Guard Plus will cost $5 per month or $49 per year. All you need to get started is an Echo smart speaker or Echo smart display. Here’s how to get started with Guard and Guard Plus.

Can Alexa listen for intruders?

By default, all Echo smart speakers include a feature called Alexa Guard, which can alert you to the sound of broken glass or smoke alarms. … More interestingly, Alexa can bark like a dog if it detects suspicious activity, or ring like a siren if a fearless intruder slips into your home.