Your question: What do Guards do to protect the worker quizlet?

What do machine guards protect workers from?

Machine guards are your first line of defense against injuries caused by machine operaon. Each machine must have adequate safeguards to protect operators and other employees in the immediate work area from hazards created by ingoing nip points, rotang parts, sparks and flying debris.

What are safety guards used for?

protective measures consisting of the use of specific technical means, called safeguards (guards, protective-devices), to protect workers from hazards that cannot be reasonably removed or sufficiently limited by design.”

What are the guards designed to do?

Guards are materials that keep workers from having direct contact with moving parts and other dangerous areas of a machine. Some guards also protect workers from shavings, flying shards or metal sparks created by working machines.

What must a safeguard do to protect workers against mechanical hazards?

Safeguards must meet these minimum general requirements: Prevent contact: The safeguard must prevent hands, arms, and any other part of a worker’s body from making contact with dangerous moving parts. … Protect from falling objects: The safeguard should ensure that no objects can fall into moving parts.

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What is the main purpose of machine guarding?

Protect from falling objects – The guards ensure that no objects can fall into moving parts. Create no new hazards – If a guard creates a hazard of its own, such as shear point, a jagged edge, or an unfinished surface which can cause a laceration, then employees must not use the piece of machinery or equipment.

What do you mean by guarding?

/ (ɡɑːd) / verb. to watch over or shield (a person or thing) from danger or harm; protect. to keep watch over (a prisoner or other potentially dangerous person or thing), as to prevent escape. (tr) to controlto guard one’s tongue.

What is an example of guarding?

Examples of guarding methods are-barrier guards, two-hand tripping devices, electronic safety devices, etc. General requirements for machine guards. Guards shall be affixed to the machine where possible and secured elsewhere if for any reason attachment to the machine is not possible.

What is safety guard definition?

noun. something that serves as a protection or defense or that ensures safety. a permit for safe passage. a guard or convoy. a mechanical device for ensuring safety.

What are the benefits of good guarding system?

Machine guarding provides a means to protect humans from injury while working nearby or while operating equipment. It is often the first line of defense to protect operators from injury while working on or around industrial machinery during normal operation.

What are fixed guards?

Fixed guard– provides a barrier between a person and the point of opera, power train or other moving parts. These include fences, gates, and protective covers for blades, presses and all moving parts. Interlocked guard – when opened or removed disengage the machine’s power source.

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What are the principles of machine guarding?

The basic steps to prevent accidents are:-

Eliminate the hazard from the machine, method material, structure, etc. Control the hazard by enclosing or guarding at its source. Train personnel to know that hazard and follow the safe job method to avoid. Use personnel protective equipment necessary.